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Delighted to announce the new Sketchfab page where you can find a growing collection of 3D models of vascular structure. (05/07/18)


Glasgow University Media group have produced a video of the workflow from 'confocal to VR' (10/04/18)

Craig presented the results of some recent work on cognitive loading of 3D animations at Pharmacology 2017 in London. The talk also included our recent VR work and Craig was awarded a prize for 'Best Talk' in the education section. (11/01/18)


A new develpment has seen us port our confocal data sets into the HTC VIVE Virtual Reality Headset. The data flow channels the data through ImageJ, AMIRA, InstantMeshes, MAYA and Unity Pro. Look out for our first VR scenes on the YouTube channel. (15/11/17)


Click the image above to view as a movie.



In a departure from our usual images of blood vessels, here is an airway showing the distribution of beta-adrenoceptors (in yellow) on the inner epithelial cells. Activation of these receptors can cause airway constriction and produce asthmatic symptoms. The (above, unpublished) image is part of a set that have recently been published in the high ranking journal PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences) (13/10/17) See Nguyen et al., 2017 PNAS.



The image above shows sensory nerves containg CGRP (red) on the surface of a blood vessel. A recent paper by Bakar et al. (2017) Cardiovascular Research, provides further evidence of the role of sensory nerves in perivascular fat (PVAT)

Bakar HA, Dunn WR, Daly CJ & Ralevic V (2017).  Sensory innervation of perivascular adipose tissue: a crucial role in artery vasodilatation and leptin release .  Cardiovascular Research, Vol 113, Issue 8, 962-972


Craig has recently been awarded recognition for his contributuions to teaching in higher education through the award of 'Senior Fellow of The Higher Education Academy' (SFHEA). (23/02/17)

We are pleased to announce a new collaboration with VASCUTEK in which we will be creating a new animation that describes the function of one of their newest products. Watch this space (15/12/16).

Craig recently presented on the design of medical animations for teaching and learning at Physiology2016 in Dublin (29/07/16)

We have just published a new report examining the use of moving vs static images in educational animations; Daly et al. (2016) Advances in Physiology Education; 40, 201-205. (12/05/16)

We have just opened a YouTube channel to display our animations and those created by postgraduate students we have supervised. (18/06/15)

'Receptors in Prostate cancer'. A new open access article by Patil, McPherson & Daly in 'Pharmacology & Pharmacy'. (15/04/15)

Our work with AMIRA software has been highlighted as a 'Customer Focus' article by the FEI visualisation company. CustFocus (09/14/15)

'Microscope to Movies'. A new article in Microscopy & Analysis (page 7-10) describes our use of animations for teaching physiology. (23/10/14)

New animations created by our Med Viz MSc students are now available on the 'Visuals' page.  (25/08/14)

We have just completed a new video which explains how sympathetic nerves control vasoconstriction.  This video was created as part of a Physiological Society funded award.  The YouTube version is low resolution but is presented as an example of the kind of movies we can make using real data taken from a confocal microscope. (20/06/14)

Autonomic Innervation of Peri-vascular Adipose Tissue; A new review by Janette Bulloch & Craig Daly published in Pharmacology & Therapeutics (10/3/14)

Pvat Innervation; a new animation (raw data Collected by honours student Brendan Chadwick) (31/01/14)

Proof of concept; building vascular animations from real confocal data.

Dr C Daly has been awarded a David Jordan Teaching Grant by the Physiological Society (18/06/13)

Professor Ian (JC) McGrath was awarded the 2011 John Vane Medal at the winter meeting of theBPS (19/12/11)

C3 contribute to 'Images in Science' exhibition at the Glasgow Science Centre (4/11/11)

Craig (and peri-vascular nerve) at the opening ceremony.