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In a departure from our usual images of blood vessels, here is an airway showing the distribution of beta-adrenoceptors (in yellow) on the inner epithelial cells. Activation of these receptors can cause airway constriction and produce asthmatic symptoms. The (above, unpublished) image is part of a set that have recently been published in the high ranking journal PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences) (13/10/17) See Nguyen et al., 2017 PNAS.



The image above shows sensory nerves containg CGRP (red) on the surface of a blood vessel. A recent paper by Bakar et al. (2017) Cardiovascular Research, provides further evidence of the role of sensory nerves in perivascular fat (PVAT)

Bakar HA, Dunn WR, Daly CJ & Ralevic V (2017).  Sensory innervation of perivascular adipose tissue: a crucial role in artery vasodilatation and leptin release .  Cardiovascular Research, Vol 113, Issue 8, 962-972


Craig has recently been awarded recognition for his contributuions to teaching in higher education through the award of 'Senior Fellow of The Higher Education Academy' (SFHEA). (23/02/17)

We are pleased to announce a new collaboration with VASCUTEK in which we will be creating a new animation that describes the function of one of their newest products. Watch this space (15/12/16).

Craig recently presented on the design of medical animations for teaching and learning at Physiology2016 in Dublin (29/07/16)

We have just published a new report examining the use of moving vs static images in educational animations; Daly et al. (2016) Advances in Physiology Education; 40, 201-205. (12/05/16)

We have just opened a YouTube channel to display our animations and those created by postgraduate students we have supervised. (18/06/15)

'Receptors in Prostate cancer'. A new open access article by Patil, McPherson & Daly in 'Pharmacology & Pharmacy'. (15/04/15)

Our work with AMIRA software has been highlighted as a 'Customer Focus' article by the FEI visualisation company. CustFocus (09/14/15)

'Microscope to Movies'. A new article in Microscopy & Analysis (page 7-10) describes our use of animations for teaching physiology. (23/10/14)

New animations created by our Med Viz MSc students are now available on the 'Visuals' page.  (25/08/14)

We have just completed a new video which explains how sympathetic nerves control vasoconstriction.  This video was created as part of a Physiological Society funded award.  The YouTube version is low resolution but is presented as an example of the kind of movies we can make using real data taken from a confocal microscope. (20/06/14)

Autonomic Innervation of Peri-vascular Adipose Tissue; A new review by Janette Bulloch & Craig Daly published in Pharmacology & Therapeutics (10/3/14)

Pvat Innervation; a new animation (raw data Collected by honours student Brendan Chadwick) (31/01/14)

Proof of concept; building vascular animations from real confocal data.

Dr C Daly has been awarded a David Jordan Teaching Grant by the Physiological Society (18/06/13)

Professor Ian (JC) McGrath was awarded the 2011 John Vane Medal at the winter meeting of theBPS (19/12/11)

C3 contribute to 'Images in Science' exhibition at the Glasgow Science Centre (4/11/11)

Craig (and peri-vascular nerve) at the opening ceremony.