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We have recently developed a workflow which enabels the transfer of image data from confocal-based 3D imaging software AMIRA to 3Ds Max and MAYA. This involves several steps of 'mesh fixing'. The end results are excellent.

We start by building a wireframe mesh in AMIRA..

After fixing the mesh, it is loaded to 3Ds Max or MAYA,,

The animation possibilities are then endless..

Sample Animations;

(** Please Note, depending on your system, some animations may take a few seconds to buffer and begin **)

Vascular Sympathetic Neurotransmission (Created for the Physiological Society via David Jordan Teaching award)

Cardiac Bypass Issues (Sarah Hope; MSc Medical Visualisation Final Project)

Human Saphenous Vein Structure (Anna Mikelsone; MSc Medical Visualisation Final Project)

Mesenteric Perivascular fat – Interactive web application
(Uti Sari: MSc Medical Visualisation Final Project **Unity Web Player Required**)

Vascular Structure & Hypertension (Lauren Clunie; MSc Medical Visualisation Final Project)

Vascular Structure (Montage of 3Ds Max and MAYA animations)

Vascular Srtucture #2 (Showreel of Amira and Autodesk animations)